Dancer, teacher and choreographer

Timur Ratlas was born on the 21st January 1956 at Adana, in Turkey,  and emigrated to Belgium with his parents in 1963.

After his primary education and while at school at the “lyçée”, from the age of 12 he took dance lessons at the “Conservatoire de Danse” at Brussels during which he had numerous periods on instruction with Rosala Hiytower and David Haward.   At the age of 14 he was accepted as a pupil at the Mudra School and, as the first dancer of Turkish origin, he took part in the”Ballet du XXième Siècle” as a member of the troupe under Maurice Béjart.

In 1974, he went to Sweden as solo dancer at the Brigitte Culberg Ballet then the Zürich Opera House in Switzerland, the Bat Dor" "Batcheeva"Israël, the"Lar Lubovitz" NY, USA, “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens” in Canada, the Royald Ballet Van Vlaanderen Belgium, Aneon in Greece, Balanchine in USA, Nederlands Danse Theater in Holland, the Tanz Forum in Cologne…

In 1985, he founded his own dance company –The Ratlas Company  - and took part in a great number  of choreographies in “Contemporaines en Belgique”.   His choreographies include the following : Compromis, Themus, Zontanos Kohrs, Doll Chairs, 17 Juillet 1986, Le Train, Djdaloche, Pare Pare, Een Daarna, Nouveau Monde, Fury, My Trip(Le train version 2005), Dialogue(Compromis version 2005)

In order to resume Timur Ratlas's career, it is useful to speak of his own particular dance, his way of  giving the body the expression of a language which is his own.   According to the choreographer, dance would be the event of birth at the moment that lends the body  original movements  caused by this, and which are  felt as a sort of expulsion which requires to be shown as a series of gestures on stage.   It is also interesting to describe the types of energy used by the choreographer.   "My Trip", created by the choreographer in 1987, enables one to feel the phenomenal energy which is released by the different movements and which could be described as a violent expulsion very quickly canalised into the movements which the dancer interprets during that creation.

This energy can be understood as a compulsion to move.  It would, as it were, lend the dance a new form to be taken in order to exist.  "Dialogue" is another interesting choreography.  On stage, a couple tries to reconcile what is possible to the music of Klaus Naomi's "cold song".  Insofar as movements are concerned, the woman's interpretation is interesting.  The choreographer has paid particular attention to her femininity, as the differing expressions of the creation give the dancer's movements a new level as regards motion.  The sensuality as well as the minimalism of the woman are strongly accentuated in this choreography.

Timur Ratlas is presently continuing to teach sharing his multicultural knowledge as well as his original techniques.   He is actively engaged in a new project concerning the launching of young artistes in a successful career  - this includes every step from training to the actual production, choreography and staging of young and talented artists.